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Below are Bible Study Aids for your reading and enjoyment.

Below by topic are some of the Bible Study Aids and materials that I have generated or assembled over the years. I hope that they help you to learn more of God's Will and Ways. As always, go Berean on everything and check it out against Acts 17:11!

Pondering Prophecy
Winter/Fall 2018

A Study using the book:
"The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy" By Ron Rhodes

Our Week by Week Slides
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Week 1 Prophecy Probabilities
Week 2 Literal or Allegorical
Week 3 Israel & Church Separate
Week 4 Signs of the Times
Week 5 Is America In Prophecy
Week 6/7/8 Timing of Ezk 38-39 War
Week 9 The Case for Post Trib Rapture (Chapter 10)
Week 10 The Case for Mid Trib Rapture (Chapter 9)
Week 11 The Case for Pre Trib Rapture (Chapter 8)

Our Week by Week Handouts

Ancient to Modern Country List
The 5 Crowns We Can Earn for Heaven
Jewish Wedding Rituals by Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Parenthesis in the Word
Prophetic Timeline Overview
Rapture Letter for Those Left Behind

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