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I have always enjoyed motion, whether two wheels, three wheels or four!

From the time I was young I always enjoyed movement and motion. I loved to ride bikes, and I have ridden over 100,000 miles on motor cycles. As a teen I literally constructed my first car out of two wrecked Volkswagen Beetles that I cut in half and welded together. I was 15 at the time. My kids love to hear that story! ;-)

My specific interest in Electric Vehicles is Battery Systems, Battery Management Systems (BMS) and Motor Controllers. I love the smell of exploded FETs in the morning!

I have been blessed to have an ongoing relationship with one of the best, if not the best developer of battery systems for locomotion in the USA today. It has been a thrilling "ride" over the years to say the least!

MTG Controller Development 3 Phase Brushless DC DSP Controller based on the dsPIC30F3010.

High power low resistance, low inductance 3 Phase Brushless DC Motors need supurb control to run safely. Here is a quick shot of the top of the printed circuit board for out DSP controlled computing engine for our controller. It can run motors with mHenry phase inductances and a couple of mOhms phase resistance. Our controllers are made to be driven hard..

MTG Battery Management Systems 12 Cell Lithium Ion Battery Management System with Programmable Low Voltage Cutoff and High Voltage Alert. Cascadable for more than 12 Cells.

Today's Lithium Ion Battery technology is truly amazing and packs a never before seen punch with respect to Kw per kg or Kw per liter. These technologies of LiPo or LiFePO4 come with a price, and that is the need for an ever vigilant Battery Management System or BMS. Our 12 Cell Li BMS is programmable and provides an electrically isolated interface for LVC and HVC. This system does not do cell balancing but is the first layer of control to ensure long cell life and stable battery operation.

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