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Technologies that work hard for you!

Our company displays the varied interests and capabilities of it's founder. Imagine that!

We have provided expert consultation in the design, development, test and manufacture of electric power systems for deep space missions, lunar outposts and Martian rovers.

We have applied that base of aerospace power development to the intriguing area of electric vehicles, including personal electric transportation systems. We have an intense interest in robotics and remote sensing systems.

We have provided expert consultation in both technical and management arenas to New Business Start Ups. We have an established network of Venture Capitalists that may be interested in supporting your technical endeavors!

We have dabbled in pulse detonation engine ignition systems, automotive ignition systems, engine knock sensors and wide band oxygen sensing systems.

We have just started designing boutique guitar amplifiers using valves. If you want crunch, brown sound, creamy ends, sparkle or any other artistic adjective, we can translate it into bias currents, load lines and output impedances.

We have a great debt of gratitude to the Good Lord that keeps us going, and gave us a future. There is much more to life than is readily apparent.


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